Sarajevo Energy and Climate Week (SECW 2024)

23.09.24 - 27.09.2024

Đoke Mazalića 2
71 000 Sarajevo

LocationEurope Member Events


From Monday, 23 September 2024 - Friday, 27 September 2024. 

SECW contributes to the important topics of adaptation, mitigation and resilience to climate change, predominantly in the field of energy, emphasizing that regional initiatives and individual efforts that reconcile the energy and climate sectors can have a significant effect.

SECW 2024 is a meticulously designed event, with the goal to bring together all key participants in the fields of energy and climate, and to present sustainable energy and climate policies based, above all, on reaching EU goals, founded on research and studies in the subject areas. SECW 2024 offers concurrent sessions, providing numerous networking opportunities to engage with leading experts, including organizations, agencies, the business community, scientific companies, global and regional enterprises, investors, academia, NGOs, entrepreneurs and more.

The focus of SECW 2024 is on fostering discussions and joint efforts to resolve the climate crisis through sustainable business solutions, disruptive technology and advanced knowledge focusing on energy.

By participating in Sarajevo Energy and Climate Week, you are not only catalysing changes, but also shaping the future and making efforts towards a sustainable future. This international event provides a unique platform for professionals and experts to get involved in global conversations about climate changes, focused on sustainable energy. Do not miss the chance to apply and contribute to joint efforts directed towards the creation of a more sustainable and resilient future.

Recognizing these facts, SECW 2023 is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry, Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, other cantonal sectoral ministries, local governments, in cooperation with partners. SECW 2024 aims at a just transition of the energy sector, taking into account climate goals and decarbonization of the energy sector.

During five days of interactive discussions at the highest level of the community SECW 2023 brought together1000 participants from around the world, including senior officials, representatives from all levels of government, ministries of energy, climate and environment, land management, transport, representatives of the European Union institutions, Energy Community, World Energy Council, IRENA, academia, experts, investors, financiers, non-governmental organizations, media and other stakeholders.

Please find attached the preliminary agenda (In English & Bosnian) with an overview of the five-day program. 

For more information, please contact and visit the website, to register.

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