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Providing deeper insights, activities and experiences into current and future trends

Innovation Tools

Innovation is one component of our Transition Toolkit enabling deeper insights, activities and experiences into current and future trends and the role of new resources and business models, technology, policy and social innovation. Tools include online applications, Insight Briefs, innovative collaboration and experiences and interactive workshops to engage energy stakeholders and enable innovation to be shared, adopted and implemented.

This work:

  • Identifies trends and opportunities: evolving technology and trends can be tracked with the World Energy Issues Monitor, highlighting the impact of innovative solutions that have been applied around the world. 

  • Shared learning: industry practitioners can use the Innovation tools from our Transition Toolkit to share best practices and learn successful strategies that are being implemented across the world. Briefs and Workshops provide the latest information on specific innovation themes and explores future possibilities to turn ideas into reality.
  • Engages energy partners: innovation forums and activities provide a space for members and partners to exchange idea and experiences with the Council’s network of energy influencers and shapers – including key industry players, government bodies and policy makers – to identify synergies and partnership opportunities.


Latest insights

Our innovation insight themes are continually being updated through feedback from Council Members who engage in strategic conversations and other activities. Examples of our recent themes and activities include:

  • Hydrogen – an enabler of the Grand Transition – exploring the potential of hydrogen as a powerful effective accelerator towards a low-carbon energy system

  • Blockchain – understanding the viability of blockchain for energy systems through the lens of creators, regulators, and those in between
  • Energy infrastructure – research on the role of existing energy infrastructure in the energy transition, ensure that decommissioning, stranded assets and/or repurposing does not become a barrier to affordable decarbonisation.
  • Energy Storage -  a fresh look at lithium ion and alternative energy storage technologies, framed in five steps to help enable storage.

To access the latest Innovation tools, please click here.

Innovation tools


Deep Dives

Our Deep Dives provide an eagle's eye view of our work on a particular topic. Access the full breadth of expertise of our community, from insight to impact, and discover promising innovations on the path to decarbonisation.


In the past, hydrogen has been hailed as a the energy vector of the future through cycles of hype and hope. However, recent developments and important step changes have renewed the potential of this molecule and positioned it as an ideal complement to electrification. The Council has explored the viability and credibility of hydrogen technologies and has provided the platform to sustain the discussion that will facilitate the emergence of a hydrogen economy. Find out how hydrogen fits in the energy transition.

DEEP DIVE - Hydrogen

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