Future Energy Leaders Programme

Future Energy Leaders

"As a participant in the Future Energy Leaders programme, my goal is to engage with a diverse network of individuals who share a common passion for promoting sustainable energy practices that benefit both humans and the planet. Through this programme, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of the multifaceted dimensions of humanising energy by learning from the experiences and perspectives of energy leaders from around the world." 

Sabrine Emran, Morocco, Economist (Energy and Commodities) at the Policy Center for the New South

The World Energy Council supports and promotes energy leaders of the future through our Future Energy Leaders platform. The Future Energy Leaders are a global impact community of exceptional young professionals who share a commitment to:

  • address the urgent need to humanise energy
  • seek innovative solutions for more energy and climate neutrality in the context of affordability and equality
  • engage in national, regional, and global activities and events
  • deliver innovative projects in support of our global energy community

Future Energy Leaders are an integral part of our ‘how to’ community. They work side-by-side with the world’s most experienced hands, brightest minds, and biggest hearts to forge new shared understanding and sustain new and more effective cooperation in this current era of more energy and climate neutrality. 

Future Energy Leaders further their experience, knowledge and skills and actively contribute to the Council’s wide-ranging programme of activities. As part our global energy community they are invited to participate and engage in national, regional, and global conversations. Through their engagement, Future Energy Leaders have the unique opportunity to grow their own personal networks of like-minded, equally motivated peers, energy experts and senior energy leaders.

At the heart of the programme are a set of Future Energy Leaders projects and challenges, networking events and conversations with peers as well as exposure to the Council’s energy transition leadership tools. This provides wide-ranging opportunities for Future Energy Leaders according to their personal areas of interest, while ensuring there is a clear focus on work that delivers practical and interactive outputs in line with the Council’s mission and vision.

Meet theFuture Energy Leaders

“For me, the Global Future Energy Leader programme was a great opportunity to both widen and deepen my perspective on the energy sector. The programme also offered a spectacular chance to participate in the global energy dialogue. What I enjoy most is working with enthusiastic energy professionals around the world, not to mention meeting new people and making friends. The programme is a must for young professionals willing to become the energy leaders of tomorrow. ” 

Pirjo Jantunen, Future Energy Leader and former Global Future Energy Leader Chair 

From a Junior Crude Oil Trader in Libya to senior engineers and regulatory advisers in some of the world’s largest energy companies, the Future Energy Leader community includes the most outstanding young professional leaders and practitioners in the energy ecosystem. Representing more than 65 countries across the world, this community forges strong connections and delivers a range of projects to help the journey towards successful energy transition. In 2023 we were excited to welcome 50 new leaders joining the Future Energy Leader community.

Meet our Future Energy Leaders

Learn aboutFuture Energy Leaders Visionario Pilot Project

Led by Global Future Energy Leaders, the World Energy Council’s community of exceptional young energy professionals, the Visionario pilot project will deliver the Council’s humanising energy vision by bridging intergenerational gaps in thinking. The project will achieve this by:

  • Incorporating socio-economic perspectives into the (often) technocratic realm of energy transition scenarios
  • Informing and supporting our World Energy Scenarios work by providing insights into the latest global energy pathways
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National Future Energy Leaders

A National Future Energy Leaders Programme is a community of young energy professionals within a country, and it is tied to a national member committee of the World Energy Council. Its structure and activities are tailored to their national context. 

The main mission and purpose of a national Future Energy Leaders programme is to provide a platform and network for young and highly skilled individuals to discuss relevant energy issues in a particular country. These platforms will then contribute to the global dialogue and support our Humanising Energy Vision towards a more sustainable, affordable and reliable energy future. The national Future Energy Leaders also support the member committees’ activities adding their unique perspective, bringing new players to the table and bridging the intergenerational gap.

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Becoming aFuture Energy Leader

Becoming a Future Energy Leader is a win-win situation. For those accepted onto the programme, there are significant opportunities to progress ideas, projects and even careers.  For employers the Council’s development programme is a unique opportunity to add to their company’s career paths allowing the next generation of leaders to develop new skills and expertise in an international environment. For the Council and the broader energy sector, this unique platform helps build the much-needed capabilities to ensure we are taking positive steps towards successful energy transition.

“For me, the Future Energy Leader Programme turned out to be a life-changing experience. When I came to the World Energy Congress in Daegu in 2013, I was in the process of finishing my PhD. Through the Japanese Future Energy Leaders, I made contact with the prestigious Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE) in Kyoto. I was hired a few months later. I literally got into my dream job thanks to Future Energy Leader Programme!” 

Bianka Shoai Tehrani, Future Energy Leader Alumni 

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