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Our mission

“To promote the sustainable supply and use of energy for the greatest benefit of all people.”

Since 1923, the World Energy Council has been engaging energy leaders and practitioners throughout the world to meet whole energy system challenges.

We define, enable and accelerate successful energy transitions while maintaining a technology and resource neutral global perspective and through the widespread use of a flexible Transition Leadership Toolkit, interactive events and dynamic platforms.

Through our Humanising Energy vision, we involve more people and communities in accelerating clean and just energy transitions in all world regions. 

Our community

The true strength of the World Energy Council comes from its network of over 3,000 member organisations and a presence in nearly 100 countries. Our global network draws from governments, private and state corporations, academia and civil society, as well as current and future energy leaders.

UN-accredited, the Council is the world’s leading member-based global energy network and the only truly international and impartial energy organisation. We are independent and non-political, working dynamically across the whole energy ecosystem. 

We are stakeholder-focused and work across and in support of the energy communities regardless of country, sector, region, resource, or technology. 

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Our history

The World Energy Council was created in 1923, when visionary Daniel Dunlop brought together 40 countries to discuss the problems facing the global energy industry. Ever since, the we have been non-governmental and non-commercial. The Council has withstood many changes, from geopolitical and economic upheavals to a complete shift in the way people understand and use energy. It has had to adapt to a changing world. Throughout history, we have never strayed from the initial concept of an organisation that is impartial, objective and realistic. As a result, our analyses and agendas for action have always promoted sustainable energy for all.

Today, a century after our founding, the World Energy Council has a presence in nearly 100 countries. Our member list includes governments, businesses and expert organisations. The World Energy Congress, held over 20 times since the organisation’s founding, is the world’s premier energy gathering. The World Energy Council continues to build on its long, stable history as a key player on the global energy scene.

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Our governance

The World Energy Council is both a registered charity and a trading subsidiary. The Council's activities are coordinated through its secretariat in London.


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World Energy Council brochure
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