World Energy Issues Monitor

World Energy Issues Monitor

For the past 14 years, the World Energy Council has diligently monitored energy leaders' perspectives on issues impacting energy transitions through the annual World Energy Issues Monitor, serving as a vital global source of critical information guiding action priorities for faster, fairer and more far-reaching energy transitions.  

The World Energy Issues Monitor assesses the impact and uncertainty of pre-identified energy transition issues by soliciting feedback from policymakers, CEOs and leading industry experts. It offers insights into a) Action Priorities, representing areas where countries are actively advancing their energy transition efforts; and b) Critical Uncertainties, highlighting issues that are of concern to energy leaders and require leadership attention.  

The Issues Survey captures 33 core energy transition issues across 6 categories: 

  • Geopolitical issues  
  • Economic issues  
  • Societal issues  
  • Regulatory regimes  
  • (Technology) Gamechangers  
  • Environment and climate change 

The World Energy Issues Monitor insights tool is akin to an energy Rubik's Cube, offering a multifaceted view of the energy landscape where each issue represents a colourful facet, yet only a portion of the whole can be examined at a time, providing a snapshot of emerging trends and transformations. These perspectives are presented in combination with regional-level commentaries and country-level Issues Maps to inform decision-making discussions by: 

  • Promoting a shared understanding of successful energy transitions 
  • Understanding how energy transitions are perceived by sector stakeholders in relation to national and regional energy strategies 
  • Appreciating and contrasting regional variations to better understand differing priorities and areas of concern 
  • Following the evolution of specific economic, social, technology, political, business and environmental trends related to the energy sector 

World Energy Issues Monitor 2024


In a world where the demands for secure, affordable and sustainable energy are ever-increasing, global and national energy systems are showing signs of deficiencies and strains everywhere. There is an urgent need for collaboration across the entire energy ecosystem to redesign energy systems that enable the improvement of billions of lives on a healthy planet. 

For this edition of the World Energy Issues Monitor, the Council surveyed nearly 1,800 energy leaders and global experts drawn from its global network spanning over 100 countries. The survey was conducted in early 2024, following the conclusion of the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28), which was held in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in November 2023.  The 2024 World Energy Issues Monitor should be considered within this context.  

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It's a pivotal time for energy transitions. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to overshadow global economies, and the pathway to recovery remains uncertain. Set against this backdrop and undertaken immediately following COP26, this annual edition of the World Energy Issues Monitor represents a snapshot of the views of nearly 2,200 energy leaders from 91 countries.

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