Transition Toolkit Guide

The World Energy Council’s Energy Transition Toolkit User Guide is designed to serve three functions:  

  • Explain the purpose of the Energy Transition Toolkit  
  • Introduce the three tools  
  • Offer ideas for using the tools 

This practical user guide is divided into four clear sections. 

  1. The Energy Transition Toolkit: This section explains the challenges facing global energy and its transition. It presents why a toolkit is needed to face the challenges, now and into the future. Crucially, it explains the purpose of the toolkit and the desired objectives towards global, sustainable energy transition.  
  2. The Three Tools and How to Use Them: This section summarises each of the three tools. What challenge do they aim to combat? How were the tools created, by who and based on what research? Significantly, they explain how they can be used, practically, to best effect. They also address the next steps in the process. The three tools are:
    • World Energy Issues Monitor: reality check – global, regional, national energy leaders’ perspectives on the key challenges
    • Energy PolicyTrilemma: policy pathfinding to manage security, equity and sustainability through transition 
    • World Energy Scenarios: a tool for bigger picture thinking, revealing deeper assumptions and reframing choices and options
  3. The Tools in Action: The World Energy Councils tools are designed to be used for pragmatic action towards global energy sustainability. This section explains how the tools can be used, either individually or in synergy. Every situation, dependent on aspects including geography, market forces or socio-political impacts, is different. Therefore, the Council explains how the tools can be customised appropriately.  
  4. A Toolkit Template: Finally, the guide presents a check-list and summary of actionable steps to ensure best engagement. The Template sets out effective steps for strategic collaboration.  


World Energy Council Transition Toolkit User Guide
World Energy Council Transition Toolkit User Guide
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