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Why join the World Energy Council?

In this decade of delivery, humanising energy is imperative to closing the implementation gap and activating road building communities. It is our World Energy community call to action to involve more people – workers, women and future energy leaders, customers, citizens, and community cooperatives – in progressing successful energy transitions along multiple pathways. 

As the world’s only truly open-to-all, impartial and vehemently independent energy community, we have the trust of the private sector, governments, industrialised nations, the developing world and of established energy companies and disruptors. The Council convenes leadership dialogues including the World Energy Congress to enable new collaborations and drive impact; and provides a range of practical tools including the World Energy Trilemma Framework to define, support and better manage energy transitions. Through them we give our communities access to the practical knowledge and tools they need to achieve impact as they move towards a secure, affordable, ecologically sustainable and inclusive energy transition.  

Our globally networked energy-plus community aims to increase social and environmental benefits, deliver ‘new’ solutions, and forge common sense to close the implementation gap and activate road building communities. You can become part of it – as a member, by hosting a national Member Committee, or by becoming a partner. 

Through curating a range of new, relevant experiences, we give our community access to the practical knowledge and tools they need to become road builders and achieve impact as they move towards a secure, affordable, ecologically sustainable, and inclusive energy transition.

Our members and partners experience valuable benefits: 

  • Effective leadership learning experiences to achieve transformation on a global scale
  • Enhanced capabilities through dynamic platforms such as Start Up Energy Transition Awards, Future Energy Leaders and World Energy Council Academy
  • Access to our essential Transition Leadership Toolkit to create successful energy strategies and policies 
  • Connection to our global network  – establish dialogue, exchange impartial views and best practice, identify new business partners, generate new business
  • Participation in global and regional events including exclusive CEO and ministerial roundtables and our triennial World Energy Congress
  • Involvement in impact projects to actively address implementations gaps to engage the pull of customers, cities, and cooperative communities at scale 

Join our road building community and co-create customer-centric, climate neutral energy futures with us. Get in touch to find out more about how to get involved with the world’s most dynamic energy organisation. 

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