To assist policymakers with pressing forward competitive and sustainable energy systems, the World Energy Council, in partnership with global management consultancy Oliver Wyman, has published the 2014 “World Energy Trilemma report: Time to get real-the myths and realities of financing energy systems”.

This sixth annual report highlights the perspectives of the financial community on the challenges and opportunities of scaling up investments in the energy sector. The findings are based on interviews with almost 50 executives from leading commercial banks, multilateral development banks, pension funds and institutional investors covering all geographic regions.,and the report makes clear recommendations to policymakers, industry leaders and the financial community on how to address the investment challenges in order to deliver competitive and sustainable energy systems.

The 2014 report builds on the previously developed dialogue among energy leaders discussing what is needed to succeed in overcoming the energy trilemma – the triple challenge of finding solutions that simultaneously address the three key aspects of energy security for economic growth, energy equity for social stability, and environmental sustainability. It adds to the recommendations made in 2013 in World Energy Trilemma: Time to get real – the agenda for change and brings forward the perspectives of the financial sector.

The report also includes the Energy Trilemma Index, a comparative ranking of 129 countries, which benchmarks the sustainability of their energy systems. For the first time, a watch list has been created for those countries that are in the process of transitioning their energy systems, or where recent or unscheduled events that are not yet reflected in the data may lead to a change in Index performance in the near future.

A full set of country profiles is available as an interactive tool on this website.

Download publication files:

2014 World Energy Trilemma Time to get real – the myths and realities of financing energy systems

2014 World Energy Trilemma Executive Summary Time to get real – the myths and realities of financing energy systems

2014 Energy Trilemma Index


Download the ebook version of the report on your tablet or smartphone:

2014 World Energy Trilemma Executive Summary

2014 World Energy Trilemma Executive


Download the Executive Summary in French and Korean:

Français: 2014 Trilemme Énergetique Mondial. Financement: mythes et réalités

국문 번역본 : 2014 World Energy Trilemma. 현실을 직시할 때- 에너지 시스템 자금확보에 대한 허구와 실상.



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