Innovation Insights Brief – Energy Infrastructure: Affordability Enabler or Decarbonisation Constraint?

The World Energy Council has developed a set of principles for designing an Infrastructure Action Plan to ensure that decommissioning, stranded assets and/or repurposing does not become a barrier to affordable decarbonisation. These principles are based on deep-dive interviews with energy leaders from around the world, supplemented with research. Most existing energy infrastructure assets are […]

Published in July 2019

Innovation Insights Brief – New Hydrogen Economy – Hype or Hope?

Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies have experienced cycles of high expectations followed by impractical realities. This time around, however, falling renewable energy and fuel cell prices, stringent climate change requirements and the discrete involvement of China are step changes. The combination of these factors is leading to realistic potential for hydrogen’s role in the Grand […]

Published in June 2019

Innovation Insights Brief – Global Energy Scenarios Comparison Review

Energy transition is a part of a much wider Grand Transition, which is not all about energy. Energy transition cannot be achieved all at once or by any one actor. Relying only on better energy modelling and forecasting to guide successful transition will be fatal, even in a data-rich era. It is timely for energy […]

Published in April 2019

World Energy Council Transition Toolkit User Guide

What is this? This is the World Energy Council’s Transition Toolkit User Guide. The User Guide presents the Council’s five Insights Tools and provides ideas on how to use them to analyse and address energy transition challenges. The five tools included in the User Guide are: World Energy Issues Monitor: reality check – global, regional, […]

Published in April 2019

World Energy Issues Monitor 2019 | Managing the Grand Energy Transition

The World Energy Issues Monitor provides a snapshot of what keeps CEOs, Ministers and experts awake at night in nearly 90 countries. The monitor helps to define the world energy agenda and its evolution over time. It provides a high-level perception of what constitute issues of critical uncertainty, in contrast to those that require immediate […]

Published in February 2019

World Energy Trilemma Index 2018

The World Energy Council’s Energy Trilemma Index ranks countries’ energy performance on three dimensions, Energy Security, Energy Equity, and Environmental Sustainability, based on global and national data. The results show impacts of decisions and changes, suggesting where policy coherence and integrated policy innovation can help develop well calibrated energy systems in the context of the […]

Published in October 2018

World Energy Insights Brief | Blockchain: Anthology of Interviews

The Council in partnership with PwC interviewed 39 companies/organisations to understand the maturity of blockchain technology in energy and also to understand its potential and its impediments.  We interviewed companies pushing new business models, traditional oil and gas companies, regulators and utilities to find out what is going on with all the blockchain hype.  We […]

Published in October 2018

World Energy Issues Monitor 2018 | Perspectives on the Grand Energy Transition

The World Energy Issues Monitor provides the views of energy leaders from across the globe to highlight the key issues of uncertainty, importance and developing signals for the future. The World Energy Issues Monitor Tool presents in one place dynamic map views of the nine years of Issues Monitor data that has been collated by […]

Published in May 2018

World Energy Scenarios 2017 | Regional Perspective for Sub-Saharan Africa

The world energy system is undergoing faster and more fundamental changes shaped by the significant diversity of regional energy perspectives. Since 2010, the World Energy Council has been developing World Energy Scenarios. Scenario planning is a useful tool when dealing with accelerating changes and complex challenges. The World Energy Scenarios – The Grand Transition was […]

Published in February 2018

The developing role of blockchain

Produced in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), this White Paper looks at the potential of Blockchain Technology for the energy sector. Although blockchain is gaining wide-spread acknowledgement and use in the sector, there are still a number of uncertainties surrounding the technology and a combination of technological, regulatory and other practical challenges could stall its growth.

Published in November 2017

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