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World Energy Resources (2014-2016)


Energy-Water-Food Nexus




World Energy Trilemma (2014-2016)

The World Energy Council in partnership with global consulting firm Oliver Wyman releases its 5th annual report supporting a global dialogue on how to tackle the energy trilemma – the triple challenge of finding solutions that simultaneously deliver energy security universal access to affordable energy services, and environmentally-sensitive production and use of energy. The report […]


Canada Member Committee

Telling the Whole Energy Story: economics, jobs, social benefits, infrastructure and innovation  There is an important, but typically untold, story about the broader role that energy plays in the economic, social and environmental fabric of Canada. As a result, there is an incomplete and often distorted understanding of energy’s multi-dimensional role, often leading to ill-informed […]


Germany Member Committee

Annual World Energy Outlook in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and the Federation of German Industries with presentation of Dr. Fatih Birol (IEA). Key Speakers Dr. Fatih Birol (IEA), Dr. Armin Sandhövel (Allianz Global Investors Europe), Gregor Pett (E.ON Global Commodities SE), Dr. Felix Christian Matthes (Öko-Institut), Dr. Urban Rid (BMWi)




Mexico Member Committee

Round Table: Corruption: A pain in the neck in the energy sector? What are the causes, forms and consequences of corruption in the energy sector? What has been done so far to fight that phenomenon? Are solutions suggested in secondary laws feasible? To what extend could corruption undermine potential achievements of the Energy Reform? Which […]