Marie-José Nadeau

 Chair, World Energy Council





Marie-José Nadeau took responsibility as Chair of the World Energy Council in 2013. Previous to that, she has been in active in the World Energy Council community since 1998.


Her experience as a senior corporate executive in the energy industry and as a board member have given Marie-José Nadeau a wide-ranging business experience and depth.

Graduated from Ottawa University (Canada) with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Law, Ms. Nadeau joined Hydro-Québec in 1993 and was a member of the leadership team for over 20 years. Before joining Hydro-Québec, she held various strategic positions within the Governments of Canada and Québec.

Her experience has given her an understanding of the complex issues facing the energy sector today, the ability to build consensus and collaboration among members and to advance the highest ethical standards for the World Energy Council.

In addition to her board experience related to Hydro-Québec, Ms. Nadeau has extensive board experience in a wide spectrum of interests. She is a past Chair of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Electricity Association. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of Metro Inc., a large retail publicly traded company, is vice-president of the Board of Directors of the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra and vice-president of the Board of Concordia University. She also sits on UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Advisory Board on Sustainable Energy for All.


Read the Chair’s speeches here:

24. Montreal Council on Foreign Relations CORIM (3.57 MB) (2.37 MB)19 March 2015:
(3.57 MB)
“L’énergie dans le monde: La perspective du Conseil mondial de l´énergie” (French)

4th European Energy Forum – On the way to COP21_Paris – 13 March 2014:
(2.37 MB)
“Discours de Cloture du Forum / Closing Speech” (French and English)

Women in Energy Forum Johannesburg –  16 Feb 2015:
(2.25 MB)
“The global energy landscape for women”
(2.25 MB)

7th Annual Africa Energy Indaba Johannesburg – 17 Feb 2015 (2.22 MB):
“From Vision to Reality – Unlocking Africa’s Energy Potential”

Abu Dhabi Sustainable Week – 21 Jan 2015 (1.83 MB):
“Gas and Renewables – Partners or Opponents?”

North American Energy Forum, Calgary –  26 Jun 2014 (1.36 MB):
“The Evolving Energy Landscape”

Conference of Montreal – 10 Jun 2014 (1.36 MB):
“The Energy Revolution”

Conference of Montreal – 10 Jun 2014 (2.03 MB):
“Energy: The Challenge of Ensuring Accessibility”

High-Level Ministerial Dialogue (UNSE4ALL Forum_New York) – 6 Jun 2014 (795.92 kB):
“Energy in the Post 2015 Development Agenda”

World Energy Leaders’ Summit Astana – 21 May 2014 (1.95 MB):
“Energy in Transition – Opportunities & Emerging Risks”

Energy Forum Lech – 11 April 2014 (191.68 kB):
“Global Energy Market: What Allies for Europe and what Impact will the Crisis in Ukraine have?”

Energy Council of Canada Forum – 13 Mar 2014 (181.36 kB):
“An Evolving Energy Landscape – the World Energy Council’s Perspective”

Africa Energy Indaba – 18 Feb 2014 (129.14 kB):
“Establishing Enabling Environments”

World Energy Leaders’ Dialogue Abu Dhabi – 21 Jan 2014 (109.77 kB):
“Trilemma Challenges – the Need for an Inclusive Governance”

Annual Conference Weltenergierat Berlin – 17 Dec 2013 (149.92 kB):
“Finding the right Balance between Energy Security, Social Equity and Environmental Sustainability”

Canadian Council on International Law – 16 Nov 2013 (220.21 kB):
“International Trade Rules”

World Energy Congress Daegu – 17 Oct 2013 (157.53 kB):
“Securing Tomorrow’s Energy Today”