Global Electricity Initiative

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The main objective of the Global Electricity Initiative (GEI) is to encourage action and cooperation between electricity utilities around the world to achieve access to electricity for all people by 2030 in a reliable, affordable and sustainable way.

Three of the world’s largest energy and sustainability networks established this partnership in 2012: the World Energy Council and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). The utilities participating in the Global Electricity Initiative (GEI) are from countries that together account for more than 80% of global installed generation capacity.

The Global Electricity Initiative aims to build an international community of electricity industry leaders. It also conducts regular surveys to facilitate the action utilities are taking to increase access to affordable and clean electricity by identifying, recording and sharing information, main trends and issues as well as best practices. Moreover, GEI conveys the messages of the sector leaders to the policymakers and provides input into other WEC activities.

Philippe Joubert, Executive Chair of the Global Electricity Initiative

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Mr Joubert began his career as Secretary for the Chamber of Commerce in Rio de Janeiro in 1976, before holding various positions in Brazilian bank BFB between 1977 to 1982. He moved to the USA to become Commercial Vice-President of Credit Lyonnais USA.

Mr Joubert joined Alstom in 1986 as Finance Director of GEC ALSTHOM Mecanica Pesada in Brazil. In 1991 he was appointed President and CEO of GEC ALSTHOM Mecanica Pesada, and became Country President, GEC ALSTHOM Brazil in 1997. Three years later, he was appointed President of Alstom’s Transmission & Distribution Sector and member of the Executive Committee of the Alstom Group. In 2004 he became Executive Vice-President of Alstom, Member of the Executive Committee, and President of Power Systems Sector. He also headed Alstom’s International Network. From March 2009 until 2012, Mr Joubert has been President of the newly formed Alstom Power Sector, resulting from the merger of all activities related to power generation into a single entity.

Today, he is special advisor to Alstom’s Chairman and CEO, Patrick Kron.

“By bringing in the combined strengths of the WBCSD and the World Energy Council, the Global Electricity Initiative has created for the first time a truly global platform for CEOs and corporate leaders at utilities to share their vision and advance their actions.

We hope our combined efforts will form a baseline for sustainability performance to which all electricity utilities and policymakers will aspire and adhere.”

The GEI project is strongly supported by the electricity industry leaders from all regions of the world and the work is guided and supervised by the board of top level industry executives:

  • Nicholas K. Akins, American Electric Power, US
  • Sam Amadi, Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), Nigeria
  • Saleh H. Alawaji, Saudi Electricity Co., Saudi Arabia
  • Adrian Borotea, Chairman, CEZ Romania
  • José da Costa Carvalho Neto, Eletrobras, Brazil
  • Richard Lancaster, CLP Holding Group, Hong Kong
  • Hervé Machenaud, EDF Group, France
  • Peter Terium, RWE, Germany
  • José Antonio Vargas Lleras, Codensa, Colombia
  • Liu Zhenya, State Grid Corporation of China

For further information, contact Gemma McLauchlan, Senior Manager, Partners & Head of Global Electricity Initiative.

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