Performance of Generating Plant

The well-established and internationally recognised knowledge network on the Performance of Generating Plant (PGP) is focused on improving power plant performance worldwide by promoting international data exchange and best practices to achieve the most effective use of generation assets and energy resources.

The generating plant key performance indicators (KPI) database is at the centre of this activity. This unique global database of plant KPI has been used in the production of reports for a wide range of bodies, including the G8. Access to the full database is limited to those who participate in the data exchange. For details login here.

WP_pgp_schematicAs the global electricity market continues to evolve it is becoming increasingly competitive and complex with new technologies entering the sector and with government policies changing more frequently with environmental regulations becoming ever stricter.

Increased price volatility has a profound impact on the electricity sector and thus poses new challenges for power plant operators. For over three decades the World Energy Council through its knowledge network on the Performance of Generating Plant has been at the forefront of monitoring and evaluating the interaction between the numerous market drivers to assess there impact on plant performance.

To be able to evaluate and compare technical and commercial performance metrics, the PGP knowledge network has developed a new computer-based tool, the Commercial Availability Model.

“If all power plants in the world could achieve the same availability levels as the top performing 25% of plants are achieving today, the industry could save at least 80 billion dollars a year, and at the same time avoid 1Gt of GHG emissions and cut other emissions. A clear win-win situation.”

The knowledge network also covers nuclear power plant trends and performance issues, key performance metrics for renewable plant and integration of renewables into the grid.


Energy Turnaround Products (648.29 kB). February 2015.

In this working paper European Energy Exchange (EEX), member of the Knowledge Network, presents and explains concrete ideas for new trading products.


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