Bolivian Member Committee

Bolivian Chamber of Hydrocarbons & Energy


The Bolivian Chamber of Hydrocarbons & Energy (CBHE), a non-profit national institution, is composed of more than 100 associated companies in the hydrocarbon, energy, and service & supply sectors. CBHE’s mission is to promote and strengthen the development of Bolivia’s industrial energy in a sustainable and socially responsible way.The WEC Bolivian Member Committee formed in July 2011 and in view of the work developed in this Committee in the energy sector, as an important part of it we included two other members, the BOCIER (Bolivian Committee of Regional Energy Integration Committee) and the Ministry of Hydrocarbons & Energy.

Secretary: Raul Kieffer


Raúl Kieffer has been President of Bolivian Chamber of Hydrocarbons for 13 years, and is currently working as the Executive Director. He has worked within the mining industry for the last forty years as consultant for different tin, wolfram and gold production projects in the Eastern and Western sectors of the country. He is a former board member for the Medium Miner Association, and he is also the founder member of the Cámara Minera del Oriente (Eastern Mining Chamber). Keiffer has been dedicated to the hydrocarbon sector for the last 25 years, being closely related to the industry in important times for the country. For example, he was a consultant for Go International, Halliburton Latin-America and Brown & Root during construction of the Bolivian pipeline to export gas to Brazil. He is currently working as Executive Director of CBHE, providing continuous support to the development of the hydrocarbon and energy sectors. While in this position, several alliances and agreements were reached with international training and certification institutions. Raúl Kieffer has been the General Honorary Philippines Consul since 1991.