Poland Member Committee

Polski Komitet Światowej Rady Energetycznej

Website: http://www.wec-pksre.pl/

The Polish Member Committee of the WEC has been active since the creation of the WEC in 1924, with the only break occurring during the Second World War. In the post-war period until 1997 the Polish Committee was functioning within the the energy ministry and was supervised by the energy ministers. In 1997 the Polish Committee of the World Energy Council was transformed into the self-governing association. The objective of the Polish MC WEC activity is to support the development and sustainable exploitation of national energy resources as well as to represent Polish energy sector in the WEC and to promote its achievements at the WEC forum.

Additional Information


Secretary: Mariusz Krupa


Mariusz Krupa is Secretary of the Polish Member Committee of the World Energy Council. He is an electricity industry expert with strong educational background. He graduated from the Silesian University of Technology with a master of science in power engineering. Mr Krupa also successfully completed the Executive MBA programme in cooperation with the London Business School, HEC School of Management Paris and Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration. From the beginning, his professional life has been closely connected with the electricity transmission sector. He currently works for PSE Innowacje which is a subsidiary of the Polish Transmission System Operator where he is responsible for implementing innovations into operation by pilot and commercial projects. Mr. Krupa has profound experience in project and programme management confirmed by the British Office of Government Commerce certificates – PRINCE2 and MSP as well as the knowledge management skills. His professional areas of interest are: electricity markets, balancing mechanism, ancillary services, smart grid and demand response. Mr Krupa is also the secretary of the Polish National Committee of the Conseil International des Grands Reseaux Electriques (CIGRE).