Swedish Member Committee

WEC-Svenska Nationalkommittén

Website: http://www.wec.se

The Swedish Member Committee of the World Energy Council consists of around 40 companies or organisations with interest in the energy field. There are many company members who provide electricity, gas, oil and heat to energy end consumers as well as company members who design and manufacture equipment related to energy conversion. Some of the members are associations representing many manufacturing or energy companies, and some governmental and academia functions are represented. All the members have specific interest in energy policy and technology development from a European and global perspective and find membership in the WEC to be valuable.

Chair: Kjell Jansson


Kjell Jansson is Chair of the Swedish Member Committee of the World Energy Council. He is the Managing Director for Svensk Energi – Swedenergy – AB, which is a non-profit industry organization representing companies involved in the production, distribution and trading of electricity in Sweden. The organization has atotal of 171 member groups, and including subsidiaries within these groups, the organization is made up of 355 individual member companies. These include state-owned, municipal and private sector companies as well as associations of different types. Kjell Jansson graduated at the Faculty of Economy at Stockholm University in 1972, and during 1986 – 1990 he was Assistant Under-Secretary of State at the Ministry of Industry and 1990-91 Under-Secretary of State at the Ministry of Environment. From 1992-98 he was Director General at Svenska Kraftnät (Swedish National Grid), and then became Director General at the Swedish Board of Customs. In 2004 he was appointed as Director General at the Swedish Agency for economic and regional growth, and in 2006-08 he was the Director General at Statistics Sweden.

Secretary: Inge Pierre


Inge Pierre is the Secretary of the Swedish Member Committee of the World Energy Council. Hewas born in Sweden in 1955 and is a Masters of Science in mechanical engineering, awarded by the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Mr Pierre worked for the Swedish electricity company Vattenfall from 1980 to 2002 mainly as manager for technical offices as well as staff groups. During 1985-86 he worked for the Swedish Technical Attaché System and was based in Washington, D.C., USA. Since January 2002 Mr Pierre has worked for Swedenergy (Svensk Energi). His major working responsibilities are to represent the Swedish electricity industry in several working groups within the European organisations CEN/CENELEC and EURELECTRIC and to be the Secretary for Swedish Atomic Forum and the Swedish WEC Committee. Within EURELECTRIC Mr. Pierre is a member of the EURELECTRIC’s WG Energy Policy, Vice Chairman of WG Nuclear and Chairman of SG CHP.