Switzerland Member Committee

Schweizerischer Energierat, Conseil Suisse de l'énergie

Website: http://www.worldenergy.ch

The Swiss Energy Council is a founding member of the World Energy Council, the network of energy leaders for a sustainable energy future. It is a non-governmental organisation that brings together all actors in the energy world including energy consumers’ representation bodies, members of academia, government and industry. All of the Council’s activities are dedicated to the promotion of an internationally based, affordable and reliable supply of energy for Switzerland.

Chair: Martin Schmid
Secretary: Jürg Bartlome


Jürg E. Bartlome is Secretary General of the Swiss Energy Council. He is also Managing Director of the Swiss Energy Forum and has held the post since 1990. Mr Bartlome has been CEO of JEBvision GmbH since 2005 and Managing Director of the Swiss Association of District Heating since 2011. Jürg has extensive experience in the field of community policy in Münchenbuchsee. Between 2002-2012, Jürg served as Head of the Domain Energy at the Federal Office for National Economic Supply. Previously, he worked as a Diplomat for the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (Directorate of International Organisations) with posts in Paris (Swiss Delegation to the OECD) and New York (Swiss Mission to the UN). Jürg E. Bartlome studied in Bern, Zurich and Paris, completing his degree in Modern History, Economics and International Law. He completed his post-graduate studies in Security Policy at IUHEI, Geneva.