London Secretariat

The World Energy Council has been headquartered in London since its founding in 1923. Currently, the London secretariat consists of over 20 staff who support the Secretary General in developing WEC activities worldwide.

Five Regional Managers and special advisors assist with the regional integration of WEC’s global work, promote WEC’s work at the regional level, support national Member Committees in the various regions, facilitate WEC’s relationships with regional organisations and coordinate WEC events within the regions, WEC currently operates in six regions, including  Africa, Asia, Asia Pacific/South Asia, Europe, Middle East, Latin America/Caribbean and North America.

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Secretary General
Christoph Frei

Christoph Frei is Chief Executive and Secretary General of the organisation. He is responsible for managing the day to day affairs of the WEC and presents the WEC’s strategic insight and global activities at international energy conferences around the world.

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Deborah Best is Senior Executive Assistant to the Secretary General& Manager, Governance Processes . Deborah is responsible for general governance matters, including managing communications, agendas and meetings for the Officers Council and Executive Assembly. Based in the WEC Secretariat in London, she coordinates the WEC Chair’s involvement in WEC events and meetings. Deborah handles all speaking engagements, meetings, events and travel for the WEC Secretary General and supports logistics arrangements for events, including board meetings, Congresses, the Executive Assembly and World Energy Leaders’ Summits. Email Deborah Best

Members Services & Operations

Emily Melton is Chief Operating Officer. Emily, who joined WEC in 1999, is responsible for events, including oversight of Congresses, Executive Assemblies and World Energy Leaders’ Summits; operations and staff, including London team, IT, HR, office management and finance; and members and institutional development, including membership development and integration of the regional programme. She deputises for the Secretary General when he is travelling and is also Secretary to the Finance, Remuneration and Nominations Committees.

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Sandra Winkler is Director, Policies & Member Services. Sandra manages the day to day relationship and provides support to all WEC National Committees. She is committed to strengthening engagement and works to implement member-related programmes and processes. Sandra is also responsible for managing the Future Energy Leaders’ Programme to develop engagement opportunities for young leaders at the global level.

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Partners Services

John Bourne is Senior Manager, Deputy Head of Patrons. John manages the relationships with private sector Patron organisations globally from the WEC Secretariat in London. He has a responsibility to oversee and strengthen Patron involvements in national member committees, work programmes and events as well as to develop new business opportunities. In addition, John leads the World Energy Issues Monitor, a global report conducted in over 90 countries to capture the latest trends and developments facing the energy industry.  John also assists with the organisation of WEC’s World Energy Leaders’ Summits. Email John Bourne

Gemma McLauchlan is Senior Manager, Deputy Head of Global Partners. Gemma manages the relationships with a range of private sector Global Partner organisations from the WEC Secretariat in London. She has a responsibility to oversee and strengthen Global Partner involvements in national member committees, work programmes and events as well as to develop new business opportunities.

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Charlotte Kidd is Senior Manager, Partnership Development. Charlotte is responsible for the development of the World Energy Council’s partnership programmes. She works with potential partner companies to engage them with WEC’s international network and work programme and to further strengthen WEC’s relationship with the private sector. Charlotte speaks English and French fluently.

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Work Programme

Karl Rose is Senior Director, Scenarios and Policies. Karl leads the Scenarios team of the WEC Secretariat. Based in Austria, he is responsible for overseeing and managing WEC’s Scenarios work. Together with the Scenarios study group and  project team, Karl is currently building the WEC’s flagship report World Energy Scenarios to 2050 to be launched at the 2013 World Energy Congress in Daegu, South Korea.

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Elena Nekhaev is Director, Programmes. Elena leads the Programmes team from the WEC Secretariat based in London. She is responsible for the WEC flagship study World Energy Resources and Technologies, but also for the WEC’s Programme Committee  and the Knowledge Networks on the Performance of Generating Plant, Cleaner Fossil Fuels Systems and Energy Efficiency Policies and Technologies. Elena manages stakeholders’ participation in the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum and leads the Project Team for the Global Electricity Initiative.

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Sandra Winkler is Director, Policies. Based in Toronto, Sandra leads the work on WEC’s annual flagship publication, the World Energy Trilemma which is prepared in partnership with global consultancy Oliver Wyman. Moreover, she is responsible for the Council’s work on Rules of Trade and Investment and the engagement of associated organisations. Sandra represents the WEC in the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All working group and is a member of the advisory board of the World Bank’s Readiness for Investment in Sustainable Energy (RISE) initiative.

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Katrina Kelly Katrina Kelly is Project Manager, Financing Resilient Energy Infrastructure. Based in London, Katrina joins the Director of Policies in leading WEC’s efforts to bridge the gap between the financial and energy sectors in order to mobilise capital to accelerate the transition to a resilient global energy economy. Katrina has a PhD in Energy Politics and Economics (ABD) from the University of Nottingham and also acts as an economic advisor to The Climate Institute. She is a leading member of Women in Leadership London and Women in Economics, in addition to her regular contributions to the European Economic Association. Katrina speaks French and German. Email Katrina Kelly

Paul Benfield is Senior Project Manager, Resources and Technologies. Based in London, Paul is a member of the World Energy Resources & Technologies study team. He is responsible for the development and updating of WEC’s database of energy resource and production data and for managing the production of the triennial World Energy Resources report.  He is also actively involved in the Performance of Generating Plant and Energy Efficiency Knowledge Networks, two WEC activity areas with a focus on data collection and analysis.

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Catriona Nurse is Manager, Technical Programmes & Publications. Catriona is a member of the Programmes team in London. She is responsible for the day-to-day liaising with resource commentary writers for the World Energy Resources & Technologies study and with other experts for various technical reports.  Catriona manages the preparations of position papers and handles production, printing and delivery of other WEC reports.  She is the key contact for the WEC History project, which will deliver a chronological record of events in the life of WEC since 1923.

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Alexander WirpAlexander Wirp is Project Manager in the Studies team. Seconded to WEC by VNG – Verbundnetz Gas AG (Germany), he currently coordinates the work of the Global Electricity Initiative, GEI. The objective of the GEI is to showcase proactive actions that utilities are undertaking to increase access to affordable and clean electricity. Alexander will also manage the partnership with Bloomberg New Energy Finance to produce a comprehensive comparative survey of the costs of producing electricity from a wide range of conventional and non-conventional sources.

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Diletta_FINALDiletta Giuliani is Coordinator, Policies. Based in the WEC Secretariat in London, Diletta supports the preparation of the WEC’s flagship publication, the World Energy Trilemma and Sustainability Index, as well as WEC’s work on Rules of Trade and Investment. She is also involved in supporting the work of the Studies Committee. Diletta is fluent in English, Italian and French.

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Tom Artjoms Tirins is Coordinator, Scenarios & Resources. Tom supports the work of two of the WEC’s flagship publications, World Energy Scenarios and World Energy Resources from the WEC Secretariat in London. He is also involved in supporting the Global Agenda team. Tom is fluent in English and Russian languages.

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Regional Agenda

Einari Kisel - Senior fellow World Energy CouncilEinari Kisel is Regional Manager for Europe. Einari is responsible for the development relations with all European Member Committees, companies and institutions such as the European Commission. Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Einari also supports development work on the Energy Sustainability Index methodology for the World Energy Trilemma work. Due to his many years of experience in the field of energy policy and proficiency in English, Russian and Finnish, Einari also represents WEC as a speaker at various international events.

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Slav Slavov is Senior Manager, Regional Development. Slav coordinates and facilitates activities, events and participation of WEC Member Committees in Europe and Central Asia. Slav is responsible for implementing the WEC global programmes and activities at a regional level and for recruiting new WEC member committees from Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia in close coordination with WEC’s Vice Chairs for Europe and Eurasia. Slav serves as a regular liaison officer between the London Secretariat and Member Committees in Europe all Central Asia countries and provides support to organise local and regional activities while maintaining a permanent relationship with the European and Eurasian international organisations that cooperate with the WEC.

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JK Mehta is Regional Manager South Asia & Asia Pacific and Project Manager Energy Access. JK coordinates activities, events and participation of WEC Member Committees in South Asia. Based in India, JK is responsible for implementing the WEC global programmes and activities at a regional level and serves as a regular liaison officer between the Secretariat and Member Committees. As Project Manager for the Energy Access programme, JK coordinates WEC’s work on the Village Inventory/Energy Access, a global initiative to establish an inventory of villages in need of energy access including availability of  resources and challenges. Email JK Mehta

Latsoucabé Fall is Regional Manager for Africa. Latsoucabé coordinates and facilitates activities, events and participation of WEC Member Committees in Africa. Based in Senegal, Latsoucabé organises the WEC Africa Regional Work Programme and assists Member Committees in the region by providing advice, added-value products and services, and supporting local and regional events to promote the WEC’s work. He serves as a regular liaison officer between the London Secretariat and Member Committees.

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Paul Mollet is Regional Manager for Middle East, Gulf States & North Africa. Paul coordinates and facilitates activities, events and participation of WEC Member Committees in the Middle East & Gulf States. He has two decades of experience working in the Gulf, including periods in Qatar, UAE and Oman. His role is to increase WEC’s presence and activities in this important hydrocarbon-producing region.

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Cristina MoralesCristina Morales is the Coordinator, Latin America and The Caribbean. Cristina coordinates activities, events and participation of WEC Member Committees in Latin America and the Caribbean. Based in Colombia, Cristina is responsible for implementing the WEC global programmes and activities at a regional level in close coordination with WEC’s Vice Chair for Latin America & the Caribbean. Cristina speaks English and Spanish fluently. Email Cristina Morales



Yoshiyuki Tsuji

Yoshiyuki Tsuji is Director, Regional Agendas and Regional Manager, East Asia/Asia Pacific. Based in the WEC Secretariat in London, Yoshiyuki is responsible for the regionalisation and promotion of WEC’s global studies, and liaising with multi-lateral and regional development banks. He also coordinates activities, events and participation of WEC Member Committees in East Asia and Asia Pacific, and working to further increase WEC’s visibility and presence in the region. Email Yoshiyuki Tsuji

Communications & Media

Stuart Neil is Senior Director, External Affairs and Communications. Stuart oversees the World Energy Council’s relationships with Intergovernmental Organisations and other key stakeholders. He leads the communications team in the WEC Secretariat based in London where he is responsible for all external and internal communications on behalf of the Communications and Outreach Committee. He supports the development of WEC’s studies, provides strategic communications counsel to the Secretary General and acts as a spokesperson for the organisation.

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Florence Mazzone is Head of Communications. Based in London, Florence is responsible for external communication and outreach projects for various WEC activities around the world. Florence manages the branding, marketing and online presence of WEC. In addition, she supports WEC’s external affairs activities focusing on the WEC’s relationship with major international processes and organisations such as the United Nations. Florence also works with the rest of the Communications team on the WEC’s news and reporting activities supporting member committees in their communications efforts. She is fluent in English, French, Italian and Spanish. Email Florence Mazzone

MoniqueTsang2014Monique Tsang is Head of News. Based in London, Monique handles media communications and outreach projects around the world, working in close partnership with project teams and national member committees. In addition, Monique manages the WEC’s news content and edits its regular news briefing for members of the global WEC network. She also supports the rest of the Communications team on the WEC’s branding, marketing, and reporting activities. She is trained as a geologist and speaks English, Spanish, Chinese, and some Russian. Email Monique Tsang

Global Agenda: World Energy Congress and events

Heidi Morgan is Senior Manager, Congress. Heidi is a member of the Global Agenda team of the WEC Secretariat based in London. She works with the Congress programme team to develop sessions, topics and secure high-level speakers for the World Energy Congress 2013 in Daegu, South Korea. She speaks French fluently.

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