Future Energy Leaders

WEC’s Future Energy Leaders (FELs) form a community of exceptional, young professionals who share a commitment to shaping the global energy future

Coming from all regions of the world and representing diverse sectors such as government, industry, academia, civil society & social entrepreneurship, WEC’s FELs represent the true future of energy leadership.

WEC FELs participate in the Future Energy Leaders’ Programme (FELP), an engagement programme designed specifically for young leaders. Through the FELP, these individuals can contribute and further their experience, knowledge and skills in an energy-focused environment, contributing to WEC’s global dialogue and helping to shape energy solutions for tomorrow. The programme is designed to build on the ideas and innovative potential of the next generation, helping to develop new ways of thinking and frame the future of sustainable energy.

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WEC FELs represent the true future of energy leadership

Through the programme, Future Energy Leaders can:

  • Attend the World Energy Congress
  • Attend an exclusive, annual Future Energy Leaders’ Summit
  • Participate in exclusive workshops and roundtables
  • Network with global energy leaders
  • Contribute to the World Energy Issues Monitor
  • Access WEC’s global studies and technical research
  • Attend select regional and national events
  • Participate in WEC Study Groups and Knowledge Networks
Structure of the FELP

Every 3 years 100 outstanding young individuals in the energy sector are selected to join the Future Energy Leaders’ Programme. The selection process is undertaken by WEC’s head office in collaboration with our 90+ National Member Committees. We strive for excellence and diversity. Each selected individual serves a three-year term as a Future Energy Leader. At the end of this 3-year tenure, individuals become part of WEC’s FEL-Alumni community, remaining a part of the network and contributing to WEC activities.

FEL Advisory Board

The FEL Advisory Board (FAB) is a steering group of top performing, engaged young energy leaders. Each member of the Board has participated in a WEC Congress and has personal experience of being a Future Energy Leader. Together with the London Office, the FEL Advisory Board work to help shape the direction and content of WEC’s ongoing FEL engagement. Meet the FEL Advisory Board.

Partner and sponsorship opportunities

The Future Energy Leaders’ Programme (FELP) provides valuable opportunities for all partners and sponsors. Supporting the FELP enables stakeholders within the industry to highlight their commitment to the future of global energy leadership, inspiring, engaging and empowering exceptional young people to be tomorrow’s leaders. Becoming a partner will enable your organisation to:

  • Demonstrate commitment to the future of energy leadership
  • Access top talent across the energy sector worldwide
  • Be a catalyst and endorsement for new ideas, innovations and solutions within the energy sector
  • Benefit from extensive visibility and outreach across the WEC global network,  at events and within WEC’s work programme

We recognise that you may have unique sponsorship needs and will be happy to work with you to find the best value for your sponsorship, while maintaining a balance with other sponsors.

For more information, please contact Ori Chandler at the WEC London Secretariat.
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