Future Energy Leaders Visionario

Future Energy Leaders Visionario Pilot Project

Global energy transitions are complex and cannot be achieved all in one go. Transition is an ongoing process and involves people from all sectors of society and across geographical borders.

Led by Global Future Energy Leaders (FELs), the World Energy Council’s community of exceptional young energy professionals, the Visionario pilot project will deliver the Council’s humanising energy vision by bridging intergenerational gaps in thinking.  The project will achieve this by:

  • Incorporating socio-economic perspectives into the (often) technocratic realm of energy transition scenarios
  • Informing and supporting our World Energy Scenarios work by providing insights into the latest global energy pathways.

The Pilot is divided into three successive phases:

  1. MAP: Review of energy and emissions scenarios globally
  2. GAP: Identify gaps and uncertainties to achieve projections/desired future
  3. ZAP: Develop strategies/proposals to close the gap

The project is currently in the process of completing the ZAP phase.


The World in 2050: Explore MAP Phase Insights
The World in 2050: Explore MAP Phase Insights
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