National Future Energy Leaders

A National Future Energy Leaders Programme is a community of young energy professionals within a country, and it is tied to a national member committee of the World Energy Council. Its structure and activities are tailored to their national context. 

The main mission and purpose of a national Future Energy Leaders programme is to provide a platform and network for young and highly skilled individuals to discuss relevant energy issues in a particular country. These platforms will then contribute to the global dialogue and support our Humanising Energy Vision towards a more sustainable, affordable and reliable energy future. The national Future Energy Leaders also support the member committees’ activities adding their unique perspective, bringing new players to the table and bridging the intergenerational gap. 

Developing strong national Future Energy Leader programmes in each country is key to strengthening the global Future Energy Leader programme and deepening its local impact. It is also one of the key ways that the World Energy Council helps build capabilities to accelerate successful local energy transitions.

21 Member Committees (MCs) have already developed their own National Future Energy Leader Programme and others are planning to do so in the near future.

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