WEC Network

There is no direct membership in the World Energy Council, but rather, members must join through their own national WEC Member Committee, each of which broadly represents the country’s range of energy interests and which include industry and government representatives, energy experts, research institutions and other energy-related organisations and individuals.

The WEC’s network is active in over 90 countries and is made up of over 3000 organisations:


(representing only one organisation per country)




Patrons and Global Partners

Membership of the World Energy Council is established at the country level through the relevant national WEC Member Committee, however, for multinational companies involvement can be enhanced by involvement in our Patron or Global Partner programmes.

Patrons and Global Partners have direct exposure to, and engage with, our global, multi-stakeholder network and lead new thinking on energy policy and strategy through our most prominent events and work programmes.

Our Patrons and Global Partners work closely with WEC to help achieve its mission to promote the sustainable supply and use of energy, for the greatest benefit of all.

Future Energy Leaders

Our Future Energy Leaders’ Programme serves to empower the next generation of global leaders and help them to shape the future energy agenda. Future Energy Leaders come from all over the world and are expressly nominated by the WEC National Committee in their country.