FEL initiatives

In addition to contributing to WEC’s flagship study groups, the FELs have developed their own series of ongoing initiatives:

Alternative transport fuels: the consumer perspective

Are consumers aware of alternatives to traditional fossil-based transport and fuels? If so, would they pay for ‘greener’ alternatives? What role should government play in shaping our attitudes? This taskforce assesses consumer preferences to alternative fuels, highlighting implications for future markets, business models and urban design, informing decision-makers and investors across industry and government. 

Please take 5 minutes to share your own thoughts and perspectives on alternative transport fuels: complete the survey, by clicking on one of the following links (choose your language): English Survey, Spanish Survey, Portuguese Survey, French Survey and Russian Survey.

The Future Energy Leaders’ Issues Monitor – What keeps future leaders awake at night?

This is an essential tool assessing the uncertainty, urgency and impact of critical issues in the future energy landscape. The Future Energy Leaders’ Issues Monitor provides a unique comparative insight into the outlook of current and future leaders within the energy sector.

Regional integration: where best to invest?

Large scale regional integration projects have the potential to transform the energy trilemma, improving energy security, energy equity (access and affordability) and environmental sustainability. They can also have major negative impacts. Which projects deserve future investment and which should be dismissed? This taskforce informs governments, investors and other key stakeholders on the premier energy projects of tomorrow.

Closing the gender gap

The Future Energy Leaders’ Programme is WEC’s primary vehicle for addressing the gender imbalance across the energy sector. Through this programme, FELs are encouraged to take specific actions to close the gender gap in their organisations and broader spheres of influence.

Understanding the energy agenda: a case for national action

Future Energy Leaders work in their home countries to shape, develop and promote their local energy agenda.