Claudio Seebach

Officers Council

Chair, Latin America and Caribbean

Claudio Seebach 

Claudio Seebach is an Industrial Electrical Engineer from the Catholic University of Chile with a MSc in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University.

He has worked in the public and private sector, academia, and civil society, in a broad range of areas, from public management, government reform, education, public private partnership. social policy, infrastructure to climate and energy.

He currently leads Generadoras de Chile, the business association of Chilean electricity generators, as its Executive Chairman. From this position he has led the transition of the power industry towards committing to carbon neutrality, through the agreement for the phase out of coal, fostering renewables and the electrification of energy to reduce air pollution in Chilean cities, achieve a sustainable economic recovery and fight climate change.

He is member of the National Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation Council and several other boards and council. He is also cofounder of Enseña Chile, Elige Educar and the B company Proxima Servicios.

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