Jeremy Bentham

Executive Chairs and Special Advisors

Co-Chair, World Energy Scenarios

Jeremy Bentham

Jeremy Bentham is the Co-Chair, World Energy Scenarios at the World Energy Council.

He has been in the energy business for more than 40 years. After graduating with a physics degree from the University of Oxford and subsequent postgraduate experience at Caltech, he joined Shell in 1980. He has also been a Sloan Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Jeremy has held a number of senior executive positions, including membership of the leadership team of Shell’s commercial technology company and chief executive of Shell Hydrogen. Since January 2006 he served on the Shell strategy leadership team, advising the CEO and Board. In particular, he is responsible for the Global Business Environment team, which is best known for developing forward-looking scenarios to support strategic thinking and direction-setting. Jeremy also advises bodies including the World Economic Forum, The Performance Theatre and the Singapore government.

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