“To promote the sustainable supply and use of energy for the greatest benefit of all people”


The World Energy Council is a uniquely positioned organisation which actively supports intergovernmental organisations, governments and companies to deliver sustainable energy systems. The Council brings together all of the world’s economic areas, every kind of energy ranging from renewables to fossil fuels, and every kind of organisation.

The World Energy Council’s studies are world-renowned.  They communicate knowledge across a wide range of fields and support the decision-making process in policymaking and industry strategy. Thus, the World Energy Council has a key role to play in helping the world rethink and resolve its energy challenges and in addressing the energy trilemma.

The World Energy Council’s mission is carried out through the Objects, which were approved at the Council’s founding in 1923 and modified over the years to adapt to the changing energy industry and the changes within the Council. The World Energy Council’s Objectives are to promote the sustainable supply and use of energy for the greatest benefit of all people, by:

  • collating data about and undertaking and promoting research into the means of supplying and using energy having, short and long term, the greatest social benefit and the least harmful impact on the natural environment, and publishing or otherwise disseminating the useful results of such research;
  • undertaking actions, including but not limited to the holding of Congresses, workshops and seminars, to facilitate such supply and use of energy; and
  • collaborating with other organisations in the energy sector with compatible goals.