The World Energy Council consists of two separate but related legal entities:

  • The World Energy Council, which is a UK registered charity and a UK company incorporated under the laws of England and Wales (Articles of Association 2016Rules 2016)
  • WEC Services Limited (“WSL”), the World Energy Council’s wholly owned trading subsidiary and a separately registered UK company incorporated under the laws of England and Wales.

World Energy Council is an officially accredited UN partner organisation and has links to a number of sectoral, IGO and NGO organisations worldwide.The Council’s activities are coordinated through its secretariat  in London.


Membership of the World Energy Council is vested in autonomous country Member Committees, whose members reflect a range of government entities, private sector companies and expert organisations.

World Energy Council’s goals are pursued in a collaborative, democratic structure involving the Executive Assembly, the Officers, Standing Committees, and a number of task forces, study groups and technical committees supported by volunteer experts from World Energy Council Member Committees, governments, universities and international institutions. The Council operates under a publicly available Articles of Association which govern its structure and work.