World Energy Week

The World Energy Week (WEW) is the regular event of the World Energy Council that brings together the World Energy community. Coming from all parts of the world and representing national, regional and global energy systems and sectors, participants take part in internal member meetings and public conferences featuring high-level speakers on the state of the energy system, as well as social events.

Private high-level CEO and Ministerial roundtable meetings are also hosted alongside these gatherings, allowing for interaction and shared insights.

Internal meetings include a day reserved for Member Committees (Secretaries’ Strategy Meeting), and the governance meetings of the Standing Committees that oversee the work activities of the Council, as well as the Executive Assembly plenary.

Public sessions across two days showcase the content and insights of the Council across the energy transition, including energy policy, scenarios, risks and resilience, issues monitoring through an Energy Transition Summit (ETS), and the host-led conference that showcases their energy sector. Other side events, workshops, and a public exhibition may also be organised by the host.

The private programme includes the World Energy Leaders’ Summit (WELS) and the Future Energy Leaders’ Summit (FEL Summit) which brings high level visibility to the host country and the member committee, in its interactions with government and industry, and the potential for sponsorship.

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The 2020 Wold Energy Week will take place in Beirut, Lebanon.