Romanian Perspective on World Energy Council Energy Transition Event Under Centenary Celebration Series

26.10.23 - 26.10.2023

Bucharest, Romania

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On the 26th of October 2023, World Energy Council/Romanian National Committee will organize a conference, with physical presence in Bucharest about ”Romanian Perspective on World Energy Council Energy Transition Event Under World Energy Council Centenary Celebration Series“.

The World Energy Council has developed - during its 100 years of existence - many profile studies for the development of ways and tools to identify solutions to overcome crises and to solve the challenges that this essential sector for the life of the planet's citizens has encountered. In addition, a constant concern has been and remains to look to the future in an attempt to solve the Energy Trilemma, conceptually defined by WEC itself. The celebration of the WEC Centenary coincides with new challenges in a geostrategically unstable environment, with key impacts on energy markets, the transition to climate neutrality and the profound humanisation of energy as a social service. 

The Romanian energy sector is no exception and faces the same challenges identified by the WEC documents and instruments. It makes sense then to identify the best ways to use these tools at global level to address issues at national level. We believe that at the moment these tools are not well known and understood and - as such - not used to their full potential. The aim of this event organised by the Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council is to improve this situation and address these needs.

The event will make appropriate use of the momentum generated by the occasion of the WEC Centenary and - as such - is part of the series of events managed by the RNC - WEC dedicated to this milestone in the development of the world organisation.

More information to follow.

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