BEC & YEPN - Energy 101: How does the electricity market work?

05.05.22 - 06.05.2022



BusinessNZ Energy Council and Young Energy Professionals Network in conjunction with Whiteboard Energy are delighted to launch our first episode of our Energy 101 series.

Have you ever wondered how and why we ended up with an electricity market?

Join us for our first session and explore how the New Zealand electricity market works and why it was set up the way it is, which is also featured in the upcoming release of Whiteboard Energy's fourth Powering NZ episode.

Hear from our expert panel and learn about their significant roles in the start of the market. The panel discussion will cover questions like:

  • What was the world like before the market?
  • Why did we set up the market the way we did?
  • How did it come into being?
  • What should we know when we think about the market of the future?

We will hear from

Christine Southey, Director, Law+Policy Limited

Gillian Blythe, Chief Executive, Water New Zealand

David Reeve, Founder of Whiteboard Energy

with the session facilitated by

Steve Batstone, Founder of Whiteboard Energy

The session will begin promptly at 4pm. Bring any burning questions you might have. See you online.


For more information and to register, please click here.

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