Kick-off meeting Mediterranean Collaboration

22.03.23 - 22.03.2023


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On 22 March, representatives from Member Committees in the wider Mediterranean region will gather virtually to kick-off the 2023 work programme. 

The Mediterranean region is at the crossroads of three continents and is a unique area with highly diverse energy systems and situations but also significant economic, (geo)political, social and cultural ties and interdependencies. In over a dozen countries across the Mediterranean region, there are currently national Member Committees of the World Energy Council.  

The Mediterranean cross-regional collaboration initiative was initiated last year as an opportunity for MCs in the region to strengthen collaboration and benefit from the possibilities of the unique Council network to generate and share insights, best practices and know-how, and discuss how to drive faster, fairer, and more far-reaching energy transitions in the region.

In 2023, the focus will be on discussing energy transition trends and needed pathways to develop a structured regional cooperation in the wider Mediterranean and on developing a Mediterranean Energy Transition Checklist, a short-paper identifying challenges and priorities of the Mediterranean-plus Gulf energy transition agenda, to be shared with energy stakeholders.

The kick-off meeting on 22 March will be followed by further convenings -virtual and in-person- to drive the work forward this year. 

For more information, please contact Paolo Storti at the Italian Member Committee, which leads in steering the initiative:  

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