New Technological Solutions for Electricity Production, Transmission and Distribution

14.04.21 - 14.04.2021


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Organized on the 14th of April 2021 by the World Energy Council / Romanian National Committee (WEC/RNC) and Siemens Energy, the conference highlighted the new commercially available technologies in the field of increasing performance in electricity generation, in the operation of transmission networks and electricity distribution and their development directions during the energy transition period, emphasizing the importance of digitalization in the field.

The papers presented at the conference mainly described the results of studies conducted by a company with a wide recognition in the energy field worldwide and with a special contribution in new energy projects in Romania that can play an important role in the development of the energy sector, taking into account the zero carbon emissions targets for 2050. The solutions developed in the field of electricity generation, transport, storage, use and concerns for the implementation of hydrogen-based solutions will allow the transition to a cleaner world.

From the conference discussions we can highlight the following topics and conclusions:

  • Technology is the answer to the most challenges ahead of the energy field and a solution for overcoming the crisis on the road of economic recovery;
  • A series of changes to the regulatory framework at European Union level regarding the elaboration and implementation of new technologies are required, therefore Romania must match its priorities and initiate the modification and implementation of the agreements through various regulations concerning the hydrogen industry;
  • Hydrogen has the full support of the EU and it is considered the fuel of the future, with precise targets already set and ways to achieve them;
  • The four paths that Romania must take in the near future are: increasing the production of energy from renewable sources, storing hydrogen, decarbonizing the industry and changing the legislative framework in accordance with new emerging technologies;
  • Siemens Energy is a world leader in energy, with a presence in over 90 countries, has a strong team in Romania, develops innovative technological solutions and participates, as a partner, to the energy transition process in Romania;
  • Siemens Energy develops technologies and solutions to reduce carbon emissions until 2027 and will move to large-scale hydrogen production solutions as in 2045 it is expected that the gas will be completely replaced by hydrogen for electricity generation in thermal power plants;
  • Increasing the share of renewable energy sources causes significant changes in energy flows. Additional measures are needed to ensure static and dynamic stability of current power systems, and FACTS technologies can provide efficient solutions to problems related to the resilience of the energy system;
  • Digitization plays a major role in increasing the performance of energy systems, the developed architecture of the synchrophasing system ensures the evaluation of the state of the power system and the new stage in the digitization of power stations ensures better protection against cyberattacks;
  • 'Sector Coupling' is the key of a decarbonised industry and the strong growth of green hydrogen production leads to cost competitiveness

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