Renewable hydrogen and cooperation opportunities between the EU and other world regions

19.10.22 - 20.09.2022

Virtual Event

LocationEurope Congress

The Interest in clean hydrogen is increasing worldwide. Ambitious research programs are therefore being developed in several countries in line with national hydrogen strategies, so that an international hydrogen trading market is likely to develop. The USA and China are investing heavily in research and industrial development in the hydrogen sector. Some of the EU's current gas suppliers, as well as countries with a large potential in the field of renewable energy, are currently examining ways to export electricity or clean hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources to the EU. For example, Africa could supply competitively priced renewable hydrogen to the EU due to its huge potential in renewable energy – and North Africa in particular given its geographical proximity.

In the long term, Europe can become an importer of renewable hydrogen. Increasing the demand for renewable hydrogen in the EU, however, will require, among others, refineries, steel production, fertilizer producers and other chemical industries to switch from natural gas to hydrogen. This requires substantial technology development and investments.  

The objective of this workshop is to discuss the status of the development of renewable hydrogen in Africa and other world regions, specifically for exports towards the EU, and the challenges and opportunities ahead. It will also address building blocks of cooperation strategies between EU Member States and other world regions for hydrogen production, export and domestic use.

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