The Future for Hydrogen in the Asia Pacific

02.02.21 - 02.02.2021

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Regional webinar, 2 February 2021

This regional webinar explored the different drivers for hydrogen demand and emerging national hydrogen strategies, drawing on key findings from a recent Council survey. As we consider the role of hydrogen in the energy transition, experts in the region joined us to discuss how Asia Pacific is leading the hydrogen agenda.

  • Shigeru (Sam) Muraki, Vice Chair, Asia Pacific / South Asia, World Energy Council; Representative Director, Clean Fuel Ammonia Association
  • Teruaki Masumoto, Chairman, Japan Energy Association, Japanese Member Committee of the World Energy Council
  • Takahiro Nagata, Senior Researcher, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan
  • Ken Koyama, Senior Managing Director, Chief Economist, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan
  • Fiona Simon, CEO, Australian Hydrogen Council
  • Linda Wright, Chief Executive, New Zealand Hydrogen Association
  • Andrew Bedford, Director, Energy Transition, KBR

This webinar was convened in partnership with the Japan Energy Association and The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan, and with the kind support of the Clean Fuel Ammonia Association. 


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