World Energy Café Europe - US Inflation Reduction Act versus the EU Green Deal Industrial Plan

26.04.23 - 26.04.2023


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On August 16, 2022, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) into law, marking the most significant action US Congress has taken on clean energy and climate change in US history. Supported by $370 billion in investment, the IRA is aimed at making sure “the United States remains the global leader in clean energy technology, manufacturing, and innovation”.

Not long after, the European Commission announced the EU Green Deal Industrial Plan to “enhance the competitiveness of Europe's net-zero industry and support the fast transition to climate neutrality.”

This World Energy Café Europe webinar facilitates a cross-regional discussion on both initiatives and how they compare, including:

How should these initiatives be seen against the background of wider industrial policy?

What are the expected impacts on industries on both sides of the Atlantic? Will they lead to an ‘international subsidy race’, a relocation of industries and jobs and ‘green protectionism’ or should they be seen as welcome forms of competition that will accelerate innovation and create new opportunities for industries in Europe and the US?

Join us on Wednesday 26 April at 4.00 – 5.30pm CET for a cross-regional World Energy Café conversation on the US Inflation Reduction Act versus the EU Green Deal Industrial Plan.

A great line-up of contributors from Europe and the United States will share their views on how these initiatives compare and what are the expected impacts on industries on both sides of the Atlantic.


Ms Nevin Alija – Head of European Affairs at Floene, Portugal and Vice Chair, Distribution Committee at Eurogas, and one of the Council's Global Future Energy Leaders

Mr Ali Nouri – Assistant Secretary at the US Department of Energy

Mr Carsten Rolle – Head of the Climate and Energy Policy Department, Federation of German Industries; Executive Director of the Weltenergierat / German Member Committee

Mr Chris Roney – Energy and Climate Analyst at EPRI, US

Mr Charles Weymuller – Chief Economist at EdF, France

Moderator: Mr Marco Margheri – Chair of the Council's Italian National Member Committee and Head of US Relations at Eni.

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