World Energy Café North America & LAC

26.09.23 - 26.09.2023


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On Tuesday, 26 September, a cross regional WE Café will be held by North and South America. The topic under discussion will be “The challenges of high renewable energy penetration”.

During the 90-minute session, the transition to a more sustainable and renewable energy future, its challenges, and possible solutions will be addressed. A distinguished panel of experts and thought leaders will participate, sharing their knowledge and experiences.

The WE Café is an exclusive platform for the World Energy Council members.

The recording of the event will be available for the Council’s Member Committees.

Meet the speakers who will provide scene-setting presentations:

  • Casey Cathey, Senior Director Grid Asset Utilization SPP
  • Claudio Seebach, Regional Vice Chair World Energy Council and President at Generadoras de Chile
  • Raúl Lancheros, Director of Institutional Affairs at Acolgen
  •  Aidan Tuohy, Senior Programme Manager at EPRI

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