Request for Bids

Requests for proposals (RFP) for the Council’s leading events, the World Energy Congress and World Energy Week, are published here

26th World Energy Congress 2025

World Energy Congress

The triennial World Energy Congress is the global flagship event of the World Energy Council.

For almost a century, the World Energy Congress has provided a unique space for the global energy community to convene and engage in strategic dialogue on critical developments in the energy sector.

The Congress provides a highly visible, world-class stage to meet whole energy system challenges head on – from shaping the future of energy policy to activating a successful energy transition around the world.

Request for proposals to host the 26th World Energy Congress

Following the success of the 24th World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi in 2019 and the confirmation of St Petersburg as the host city for the 25th World Energy Congress in 2022, the Council has opened its Request for Proposals to host the 26th World Energy Congress in 2025.

The RFP process is divided into two stages to ensure dialogue, clarity and high-quality bids from different types of energy systems and economies across the world:

  • First stage – call for proposals followed by a period of liaison with bidders to adjust and improve their proposals
  • Second stage – call for final bids, which are then published to all Member Committees for review and voting

Who can bid?

Bids are welcomed from Member Committees and organisations representing cities and countries, including convention bureaus.

Any final bid from a destination must be endorsed by the World Energy Council Member Committee in that country. A proposal from a city where there is no Member Committee in the country will only be acceptable if a Member Committee is established in line with the Council’s Articles by the time voting opens and that Member Committee endorses the bid. 





First stage


Call for proposals published

Week commencing 2 December 2019

Proposals due

28 February 2020 by 5pm (UTC)

Review and feedback on proposals

2-27 March 2020

Second and final stage

(final bid)

Final bid documentation published

Week commencing 30 March 2020

Bids to host the Congress due

29 May 2020 by 5pm (UTC+1)

Review of bids and site visits if applicable

1-26 June 2020

Publication of eligible bids

Week commencing 6 July 2020

Electronic voting

Week commencing 7 September to 6 October 2020

Presentation of destination and venue, closing of vote and announcement of the winning bidder at the Executive Assembly during the 2020 World Energy Week in Beirut

6 October 2020

​​​​​​Request for proposals pack

  1. RFP - Request for Bids document, including the following appendices:
    • Appendix I: Permitted and Prohibited Bidding Activities
    • Appendix II: Executive Assembly Requirements
    • Appendix III: Sample Budgets
    • Appendix IV: 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  2. 2025 Congress Contract 
  3. Declaration to Commit to Agreement
  4. About the Congress presentation

Next key date

Proposals due by 28 February 2020 by 5pm (UTC)


RFP document
Download PDF
2025 Congress contract
Download PDF
Declaration to commit to agreement
Download PDF
About the World Energy Congress presentation
Download PDF


For any further information, please contact the Global Agenda team at [email protected]

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