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26th World Energy Congress 2025

As a result of the voting process that closed on 9 December 2020, Rotterdam, The Netherlands has been selected by the Council's member committees to host the 26th World Energy Congress in 2025. 

"I would like to extend special thanks to both bidding countries for dedicating considerable work, resources and enthusiasm to their bids to host the Council’s most important event, particularly during what has been a challenging year to deliver the commitments required and promote the bids. This commitment to the values of the World Energy Council and your contribution to our global community are a vital quality of our organisation.

"We have all been impressed by the professionalism and excellent quality of both bids and the highly commendable campaign to host the 26th World Energy Congress. Please join me in extending congratulations to the Netherlands member committee on its selection. I know we will all look forward to working with them to deliver this flagship event in pursuit of our common mission of sustainable energy for the benefit of all.


"Finally, I extend my thanks to all of our member committees that took the time to carefully consider the bids and to vote. Your participation in our global energy community is, as ever, greatly appreciated."

- Jean-Marie Dauger, Chairman, World Energy Council

The triennial World Energy Congress is the global flagship platform of the World Energy Council.

For almost a century, the World Energy Congress has provided a unique space for the global energy community to catalyse new cooperations and forge new pathways in the energy transition. The Congress reaches across the public, private and civic sectors to connect and inspire leaders and practitioners from the energy+ value chain.


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