WE Talks: Inclusive Energy Conversations from the World Energy Council

20th July 2020


  • Energy transition means different thing to a number of people. Some see it as a transition from fossil fuels to renewal energy in the context of solar and electro magnetic etc. For the part of developing nations with aboundance energy resources seeing in relation to oil and gas….energy transition in thier view is seen as transition from fossil fuel to clean gas as the energy of the future and indeed integrating gas utilisation into thier respective economies to drive thier growth path alongside thier agenda. They no longer view the new agenda set by the rest of the so called advanced economies as the stamp to follow….they are driving thier boat and at thier pace and speed…...

    23.07.2020 at 21:01 | Umar Gbobe AMINU

  • Good

    24.07.2020 at 13:15 | Narottam Sahu

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