WE Talks with Angélica Ruiz Celis, BP Group

24th August 2020

WE Talks with Angélica Ruiz Celis, Senior Vice President for Latin America, BP Group

In this episode, Angélica reflects on the energy transition and the important role of changing behaviour patterns – beyond the ways we produce and consume energy – and why she wants to see everyone taking part in the energy conversation.


  • I like very much the answer of Ms. Ruiz about the importance of ALL people into the energy conversation, and the importance of education. I am in Argentina, and have sons in school; although I saw good signals, the message and relevance of the topic delivered to the kids is not enough. Is there any initiative to make sure that energy is included in the basic school programs?. Thank you

    03.09.2020 at 16:34 | Carlos Galli

  • Thank you for your comment, Carlos! We share your concern about the low levels of energy literacy - and not only in school children! The Council’s new vision of humanising energy transition reminds us all of the value to societies of access to better (clean, affordable, reliable and equitable) energy and the need to plug in people and courageously discuss how to manage the full costs to society as we accelerate global energy transition. A decade ago the Council launched its World Energy Academy to start to increase energy literacy of graduate students and young professionals. We are working to expand our global platform. We are also working on a new WE CARE Books series aimed at helping children (and their parents!) to discover the useful role that energy plays in their everyday lives. The first prototype in the series - which is called We Light You - and is ready to go to print (including e-book version). All we need to progress both opportunities now is to secure the right partners and additional funding. Watch this space!

    04.09.2020 at 14:36 | Dr Angela Wilkinson, Secretary General, World Ener

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