Electrifying Transport: Demand and Challenges (Regional perspective: North America)

2nd November 2021

The electrification of transportation is accelerating on many fronts globally, driven by national policies and enabled by rapidly evolving technologies and decreasing costs. It is increasingly important for both national and community stakeholders to clearly understand the pace of change within the transportation sector and to develop strategies and programs to remove obstacles to the adoption of electric vehicle technologies. These include: Blueprint for deploying and operating a reliable, accessible, and resilient national EV charging infrastructure; Local development of EV technology, manufacturing ecosystems, and businesses; Ensure that e-mobility options and services are relevant and equitable to communities.


  • Mark Duvall, EPRI


  • Ashley Horvat, Schneider Electric
  • Britta Gross, Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Rodolfo Guzmán, Arthur D. Little
  • Michael Berube, Department of Energy, United States

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