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ARUP joins Hydrogen Global charter

18th February 2020

The World Energy Council is pleased to announce that Arup has joined the Hydrogen Global community. Arup is the first of the Council’s Partners to sign the Hydrogen Global charter.

Arup will draw on its global technical expertise to support the evaluation, application and deployment of effective hydrogen-based solutions to help promote clean hydrogen worldwide.

Hydrogen Global was launched in 2019 by the World Energy Council as a platform to promote the deployment of clean hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels. Stemming from the Council’s unparalleled global network of energy experts, Hydrogen Global assembles projects, programmes, and organisations working with hydrogen to raise awareness of the technology across the wider energy community. Hydrogen Global empowers experts to share knowledge and best practice on hydrogen and develop insights to ensure their projects succeed.

Chair of the Arup Group, Alan Belfield, said: “Hydrogen can play a critical role in decarbonising energy systems across the world. We are delighted to demonstrate our commitment to the future hydrogen economy by aligning to the World Energy Council's Hydrogen Global charter. It is critical that we embrace all the tools available to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change and the hydrogen economy can play a significant role. Together we can make a positive impact on the industry and enable a better and faster successful energy transition.”

Dr Angela Wilkinson, Secretary General of the World Energy Council said: “We are delighted to welcome our partner Arup signing Hydrogen Global's charter. Global demand for energy is rising and there is no quick fix or silver bullet solution to challenges of energy security, equity and affordability and environmental sustainability. New hydrogen pathways can help achieve bolder ambitions for better lives and a healthy planet. Clean hydrogen can reach parts of the global energy system that cannot be electrified.”

To learn more about Hydrogen Global, its participants and how to join, go to our Hydrogen Charter page.


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