Christoph Frei at the 17th Photovoltaic Conference in Switzerland

29th March 2019

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From March 26th and 27th, Berne, Switzerland was host to the 17th annual Photovoltaic Conference in Switzerland. The summit was organised by Swissolar, the swiss association representing the country’s photovoltaic industry, as well as the Office federal de l’énergie (Federal Office of Energy) and the Association des entreprises électriques suisses (AES).

The World Energy Council’s  Secretary General & CEO, Christoph Frei, was invited to speak at the conference and addressed over 600 participants on the subject of the latest global energy trends. Linking the national and global frameworks, Dr. Frei joined the discussion on the potential of solar energy for Switzerland’s energy security and increasing accessibility.

The conference focused on the role of solar energy in the implementation of the international commitments of the Paris Climate Accords. The conference covered Switzerland’s market situation, technological innovations and political framework surrounding photovoltaic application. The conference also took the opportunity to reflect on the first year of implementing the Energy Strategy 2050 the roadmap established by the European Commission for a transition to carbon neutral energy sources.

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