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The global COVID-19 pandemic is a fundamental test of leadership for the energy industry. Learn about our plausible and alternative scenarios of what might happen, and our tools that enable you to stress test exist strategies and emerge from the COVID-19 shock as a more resilient society. Together we can continue to accelerate a successful global energy transition.

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Council to host 1st Innovation Forum in collaboration with Shell

1st November 2018

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The Council is hosting its first Innovation Forum – “IF” Blockchain? The forum on 27 November will bring together energy leaders from the US, Ireland, UK and India as well as other regions from across the globe.  Discussions will focus on feasible scenarios and whether customer engagement and regulatory re-framing are the necessary obstacles that must be overcome in order for blockchain to be truly transformative for the energy sector and beyond. This forum follows on from the Blockchain Insights paper the Council recently published. Confirmed participants include IBM, Sunrun, Electron, LO3, Wipro, World Economic Forum, Energy Web Foundation, Rocky Mountain Institute, U.K. Power Networks, Ofgem, Engie, Faraday Grid among many others.

This Forum is a continuation of the recently published Blockchain Insights Brief and Anthology of Interviews to explore the viability and challenges of blockchain through the lens of creators, regulators and those in between. Please join us for this rare opportunity to exchange ideas and challenge assumptions with a diverse group of leaders from around the world.

Overview of the day:

9am – Registration
9:30am – Mapping the blockchain landscape
10:15am – Future Scenarios
11:30am – Barrier Mapping
*****12:45pm Lunch*****
1:30pm – Paired Walk
2pm – Regulatory Solutions
4:30pm – Next Steps
5pm – Adjourn

Click here to download the full agenda in PDF format.




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