Council's European Market Design Task Force meeting with European Commission

19th February 2016

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Marketing meeting pic sent 26 Jan
A European Market Task Force comprised of member committees from across Europe are to meet on 22 February in Brussels with the European Commission. Our European Members have already carried out a survey to identify key areas of market design that are likely to become relevant in 5 -10 years time, but are not currently on the Commission’s agenda.
The European Commission is currently leading debates about the adjustments needed in the energy market design of the European Union member states. This debate has been triggered by the integration of national energy markets which has brought about a need for better harmonisation of national market regulations of the EU Member States.

European member committees of the World Energy Council initiated a dedicated Task Force in the European Regional Meeting held in Addis Ababa after discussions about the shortcomings of the current market design in Europe. The Task Force is analysing the trends and processes that are likely to influence the market design in coming years and that should be addressed in the relevant regulations. The Task Force is led by Marco Margheri from the World Energy Council Italy.

Einari Kisel, European Regional Manager, said:
“Fitting all the components together is getting more complicated when you integrate countries through interconnectors all with different regulations. Sometimes, it just doesn’t fit together.

“The European Commission is planning to introduce some common rules for EU market design by autumn 2016 to fix the current deficiencies. The World Energy Council wants to make a contribution that goes beyond the short term and identify new challenges that will have an impact on market design in 5-10 years such as the influence of new technologies entering the market or resilience challenges. In order to avoid problems in the future, issues should be addressed now within upcoming regulations.

”Furthermore, a clear market design is needed in order to encourage investment in the energy sector.”

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