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Decentralized energy solutions can deliver universal energy access in Africa

17th November 2016

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The 21st century can be an African century - but only if energy access is enabled for more than 620 million people living without electricity in sub-Saharan Africa. In an interview with World Energy Focus magazine, Paul Smith Lomas, CEO of international development charity Practical Action, highlights that a bottom-up approach to energy planning, including training, and mapping are essential.

Lomas also spoke at the  World Energy Congress during the session ‘talent and capacity building’ . Day 4 at the Congress was Africa Day, dedicated to securing a sustainable energy future of the continent. What can be done to help ensure that Africa achieves universal energy access by 2030? Lomas also points out that decentralised energy is a faster and cheaper route than grid extension – also supported by the participants in the dedicated session, see also ‘Off-grid solutions for Africa's energy future’.

Read the full interview in the November edition of World Energy Focus, available for download on - for free.




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