Energy Council of Canada responds to Generation Energy report

31st August 2018

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"The Energy Council of Canada would like to congratulate Natural Resources Canada, the Generation Energy Council and the more than 380,000 Canadians who participated in the Generation Energy conversation.

"We have eagerly anticipated the release of Canada’s Energy Transition: Getting to our Energy Future, Together and we have read it with great interest. We appreciate this document as an important milestone in a continuous national dialogue that must persist.

"The Energy Council of Canada was honoured to help initiate this unique public engagement effort in Regina, May 8, 2017.

"Support With a cross-section of the Energy Council of Canada’s membership represented on the Generation Energy Council, we are pleased to support the spirit and direction of this report and much of the advice it offers. Canada, with its unique collection of enviable natural resources, is a significant global player in absolutely every form of energy.

"Therefore, Canada must pay attention to even the smallest of changes occurring on the energy landscape and remain fully engaged in any and every transition that may occur. If Canada and the world, truly wishes to make energy poverty a thing of the past, while protecting our global climate (decoupling economic growth and greenhouse gas emissions), then Canada would be wise to frame its way forward, guided by the four Energy Transition Pathways listed in this report: 1. Wasting Less Energy 2. Switching to Clean Power 3. Using More Renewable Fuels 4. Producing Cleaner Oil and Gas. 

"Pathfinding with Indigenous Peoples as a distinct area of focus is appropriate and important. Canadians expect action to be guided by principles they can support. The report makes clear that all these pathways must be pursued in a Responsible, Sustainable, Prosperous, Collaborative and Inclusive manner. The Energy Council of Canada agrees.

"We cannot underestimate how important energy has been to Canada’s health, wealth and prosperity or how important it will continue to be. Achieving the vision set out in the Generation Energy report would not be simple or consequence-free.

"Factors both within and beyond Canada’s control will influence success. Because Canada can follow nearly any or all future energy pathways, it is crucial we choose wisely. To do this, we must talk and truly listen to each other, more than ever before. We need to do this to build and maintain a direction on energy policy that has longevity and creates the environmental, economic and social benefits that the report envisions. We cannot forget there is a global energy competition afoot. Canada has everything it takes to win and few excuses for losing.

"The Energy Council of Canada looks forward to working with Generation Energy to make sure we get this right. The Energy Council of Canada has felt engaged in the Generation Energy process and has witnessed strong involvement from a wide variety of other stakeholders and interested groups.

"We only have two recommendations: 1. Keep up the good work 2. Let the Energy Council of Canada continue to assist. The Energy Council of Canada congratulates Generation Energy on an innovative public engagement process, a strong report and most importantly, its commitment to continuing the dialogue. Do not lose the momentum."

Jacob Irving, President, Energy Council of Canada

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