Energy for Humanity announced as the theme for the 25th World Energy Congress in 2022

9th October 2020

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Editor's note: Since the publishing of this piece, it has been determined that it is not feasible for the 2022 World Energy Congress to be held in Russia. Additional information will be published to the Council's website as it becomes available.

Today, on the closing day of World Energy Week, Dr Angela Wilkinson, Secretary General & CEO, World Energy Council, together with Alexander Novak, Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, announced the theme of the World Energy Congress 2022.  The 25th Congress of the World Energy Council will adopt the theme of Energy for Humanity. The Congress will be hosted by the Russian Federation in St Petersburg from 24-27 October 2022. The event is being jointly organized by the World Energy Council and the Roscongress Foundation.

Dr Angela Wilkinson, Secretary General & CEO, World Energy Council, commented on the theme launch for the 25th World Energy Congress: 

“We often forget that essentially energy is a story about humanity. Human development has always been linked to energy transition; from fire, to hydrocarbons and on to cleaner alternatives, like renewables, it’s always been about peoples’ lives and society’s evolution. Energy has propelled society forward for thousands of years.

“Looking ahead, new models of human and economic development – digital, circular, clean and just – will require more energy, at least in the medium term. If we really want to focus on the future of the human race, we need to balance our approach to managing the energy transition. We need better cooperation between energy and other sectors to deliver more energy and less carbon – clean, affordable, reliable and equitable energy for everyone and the environment. 

“Energy for Humanity is the theme of the 25th World Energy Congress in St Petersburg, which will mark the 100th anniversary of our worldwide energy community movement. We will convene the entire energy community - governments, companies, communities and customers - and provide a jewel-in-the crown action packed learning experience.  We will have serious, down to earth conversations about how to humanise energy and accelerate the transformation of energy systems across the world. The Council exists to inspire, inform and impact actions that secure clean, affordable, reliable and equitable energy for all.”     

Alexander Novak, Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, said:

“We are proud to host the 25th World Energy Congress in 2022, and we look forward to welcoming the international energy community and global stakeholders in St. Petersburg. Over the past decades, World Energy Congress has become one of the most important centers of gravity for the discussion on the global energy sector. Today, the energy sector as a whole is facing a number of known long-term challenges that impact the future of our civilization, including the need for environmental protection, providing humanity with affordable access to energy and securing reliable energy generating capacity for future development. 

“In Russia, we fully acknowledge the need to develop clean technologies, particularly those centered on carbon sequestration, purification and processing technologies, development of renewable energy sources and hydrogen energy. At the same time, we have to face the substantial global energy inequality. Around two billion people, constituting over a quarter of the world's population, do not have access to modern energy sources. This is also a serious sustainability issue related to long-term survival and development. With that, traditional energy sources are expected to make up a significant portion of the planet's energy balance even through 2050.

“Russia, one of the largest global energy suppliers, supports the development vector for clean technology in line with the Paris Agreement and in the framework of OPEC+ member country meetings. At the same time, as a responsible manufacturer and exporter, we are also interested in creating the right conditions to support the market for quality and accessible energy.

“The underlying theme selected for the World Energy Congress unites the global energy sector and all its stakeholders bringing us closer, instilling confidence in finding appropriate solutions and a long-term balance. I am certain that we will be able to hold meaningful and detailed discussions in the spirit of mutual respect and understanding, converge positions of various parties and come to an agreement on a wide range of questions at the Congress in St. Petersburg.” 

Last year’s 24th Congress in Abu Dhabi highlighted the shift to a customer-centric energy future and the new power of demand-side, disruptive innovation. 

The St Petersburg Congress and associated events will focus on examining practical tools and realistic approaches to keeping the future of energy open to new and better possibilities that are crucial to a sustainable future for all.  

The Congress is preceded by two years of energised “Road to Congress” virtual events to explore the theme of Energy for Humanity.  

About the World Energy Council 

The World Energy Council is a global and inclusive forum for thought-leadership and tangible engagement, and the world’s only technologically neutral and truly global member-based energy network. Comprised of over 3,000 member organisations in nearly 90 countries, the Council has been at the heart of global, regional and national energy debates for nearly a century, developing new thinking and driving effective cooperative action around the world to achieve the benefits of better energy for all. The Council’s global convening power and whole system expertise help to shape a global energy leadership agenda and promote effective cooperation between diverse interests and needs, as well as to drive practical action to scalable impact. Learn more at 

About the World Energy Congress 

The global flagship platform of the World Energy Council, the World Energy Congress reaches across the public, private and civic sectors to connect and inspire leaders and practitioners from the energy+ value chain. Held triennially since 1924, the Congress is a unique space for the global energy community to catalyse new cooperations and forge new pathways in the energy transition. With around 5,000 delegates and 18,000 attendees the Congress connects and inspires leaders and practitioners from around the world. Ministers, C suite executives, NGOs, experts and academia, entrepreneurs and young energy leaders - the Congress hosts the full spectrum of the energy sector and its value chain. 

About World Energy Week 

World Energy Week is the annual event convened by the World Energy Council. This year, it will be held between 7-9 October under the theme of Connecting Energy Societies, as an exciting and energising digital-only event. The LIVE edition will connect stakeholders worldwide in dynamic regional and global dialogue across three days, on key themes including navigating the post-pandemic future, building resilience amid disruption, and the future of hydrogen. 

World Energy Week is free to attend; however, registration is required. Further information is available on the World Energy Council Website at 

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