Energy Transition- Roles and Values

1st June 2018

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On 13-14 of April, the Hungarian Young Professionals in Energy (HYPE) together with Future Energy Leaders (FEL) Romania, a programme developed by the Romania National Committee, organised the second FEL-100 Workshop: “Energy Transition - Roles and values”, hosted once again by the World Energy Council in Budapest.

Einari Kisel - World Energy Council Regional Manager & Senior Fellow (European Policies) opened the workshop with a keynote showcasing the most innovative technology evolutions, while also mentioning the main challenges of the EU energy sector.

The following panel debated the interconnections and synergies envisaged in Europe, and how the energy transition will affect these links, touching on the future of renewables, distributed generation and the future of households. Kiss Evelin (Hungarian TSO) and Mihai Toader-Pasti (FEL Romania) joined Kisel in the discussion moderated by Gergo Holló (HYPE).

Saturday kicked off with a panel were held by Andrei Covatariu (FEL-100 Board Member & FEL Romania), who discussed energy poverty and its relationship with policies and regulations. Alin Tatu then talked about the nuclear industry workforce and the constant changes they face in the region.

Nuno Silva (FEL-100 Chair of the Board & Efacec) hosted the next panel presenting the FEL-100 community, its objectives and achievements. Moderated by Mark Alfoldy (HYPE), topics discussed included the main trends which will be the basis of the energy transition process: digitalization, smart cities, e-mobility, storage, microgrids and offgrids, new materials or virtualization. The panel included Balint Hartmann (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) and Tamas Knorr (NKM).

Conclusions and closing remarks were drawn by Pal Gerse (HYPE). At the end of the day, more than 30 participants attended the workshop held at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, with the support of the Department of Energy Engineering.

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