EPRI Virtual Summer Seminar 2020: Stress Testing and Designing Post-pandemic Strategies

10th August 2020

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Stress Testing and Designing Post-pandemic Strategies

World Energy Council Secretary General and CEO, Dr Angela Wilkinson, spoke today at the EPRI Virtual Summer Seminar 2020, a gathering of hundreds of power utility CEOs and executives and wider stakeholders.

“As we shift our focus to the longer term, we will examine how societal connections and expectations altered by the pandemic are influencing the shift to a cleaner, more resilient energy future. Together we will shorten the journey to deep, economy-wide decarbonization by identifying forward-thinking industry R&D and policy developments necessary to enable this vision,” EPRI announced.

Dr Wilkinson discussed the Council’s Covid-19 Crisis Scenarios and the importance of utilizing these tools to identify more and better options for emerging from crisis whilst keeping global energy transition on track.

“This crisis is social, not technological, and it is triggering the greatest financial capital reallocation in history,” Wilkinson said. “We must plug-in people, address the social impacts of energy transition and avert the risk of greater unevenness in driving deeper decarbonisation. Failure is not an option. More and better options are possible if we engage more voices, all technologies and innovation.”

Read more about the Council’s work helping the energy industry navigate and prepare to exit the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

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