European Energy Scenarios workshop hosted by Eesti Energia

1st March 2019

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On February 26, 2019 the World Energy Scenarios workshop -hosted by Eesti Energia- featured a diverse group of energy experts and thought leaders. The workshop participants dove deep in European regional narratives and explored innovations that will drive exponential growth.

In 2016, the World Energy Council published three exploratory scenarios called – Modern Jazz, Unfinished Symphony and Hard Rock – with a long-term horizon of 2060, aimed at informing discussion on the transition to low carbon economy.
The Council has launched a regional scenario development initiative focused on building regional scenarios with a time frame of 2040 and with the aim to explore the potential role of disruptive innovation in accelerating successful energy transition.
Two regional scenarios workshops were conducted in 2018 (Paris in September, Berlin in December), resulted in a draft of European regional narratives.

This 1-day European Energy Scenarios workshop is a next step in scenarios building process and will focus on further development regional narratives to 2040 with ‘innovation twist’. The workshop is organised with support of the Council's Estonia Member Committee.

Workshop objectives
▪ Deepen European regional narratives to clarify the way future might unfold by 2040
▪ Contrast and enrich regional scenarios with quantitative and qualitative indicators
▪ Further explore the role of innovations coming from within and beyond regional energy system in accelerating energy transition and define exponential growth opportunities.
Expected outcomes 
The next draft of the regional narratives will be prepared after the workshop for participants review and for further quantification. The new sets of regionally focused scenarios will be featured at the 24th World Energy Congress, in Abu-Dhabi in 2019.
Regional members are encouraged to use regional scenarios as a tool to engage with local networks and communities on key uncertainties and opportunities, policy implications, innovations insights, etc.

Invitation only to a group of 20-25 participants – a mixture of energy and energy-agencies thought leaders, the Council’s community members, and selected key subject matter experts.

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